The conference

Considered as an emerging technology in the past years, containers have now become an accepted standard. In 2017, we witnessed the advent of orchestration. The community federated itself around some solutions and gave birth to a more accessible offer. The question is not to use containers and orchestrators anymore. Today, the challenge is rather to deploy them on a large scale and adapt our practices to live with orchestration in a world that is becoming Cloud Native!

The organizers

We build high quality infrastructures and cloud services.

Our promise
Continuous delivery is not meant for GAFA only, anyone can reach it! That is why we work towards reducing gaps between developments and value delivery to your users.

DevOps is our culture
We build solutions with and for our clients. We are aiming for teamwork, this is why we work to promote DevOps culture.

Cloud is our tool
Our consultants have certifications on public (AWS, Google, Azure) and private (OpenStack) cloud platforms. WeScale is continuously investing in its consultants’ training.

Xebia is an agile IT consulting firm specializing in Data, Web, Cloud technologies, reactive architecture and mobile development.
Since 2004, Xebia has been delivering high quality software. The 160 Xebians, passionate Crafts(wo)men, follow a single watchword:
« Software Development Done Right »

True companions of the duty of the software and endowed with an Agile DNA from the very beginning, we have a very high opinion of our job and we love seeing it well done. It is the mission that we have set for ourselves and it guides all our behaviors.
The way we do things, our sociology and our behaviors are guided by four founding values, enacted during the creation of Xebia.

  • People First
  • Sharing Knowledge
  • Quality Without Compromise
  • Customer Intimacy

The team

Seven Le Mesle

WeScale President / co-founder

Jean-Louis Rigau

Consulting Manager, Xebia

Alexis Chotard

DevOps Consultant, Xebia

Code of Conduct

A conference should simply be an opportunity to share, learn and meet new people, in the respect of every attendee, speaker and organizers. Read the Code of Conduct


The Paris Container Day is the pioneering conference in France dedicated to the container ecosystem and its best practices. For this third edition, the theme of the conference is: “Living with Orchestration”.


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