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A clean dev env, working every time, everywhere

Yohan Lasorsa - Senior Cloud Developer Advocate - Microsoft

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cgroups v2 : Quoi de neuf du coté des containers ?

Laurent Grangeau - Cloud Solution Architect - Sogeti

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Docker build et ses layers : Docker en tient vraiment une couche !

Franck Cussac - Développeur - Publicis Sapient

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K3S, le Kubernetes allégé construit mes images sans Docker

Romain Boulanger - Cloud Engineer / Ingénieur Cloud - Sfeir

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Des conteneurs dans des conteneurs maritime

Guilhem Lettron - Site Reliability Engineer & Barthelemy Vessemont - Head of Infrastructure - Storelift

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Et pour quelques runtimes de plus...

Thomas Gérardin - Cloud Builder - Wescale

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Les conteneurs détournés

Olivier Cloirec & Emmanuel Pluot - Site Reliability Engineers - Publicis Sapient

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Créer & distribuer un plugin pour Kubernetes en quelques minutes? Easy!

Gaëlle Acas - Site Reliability Engineer - Stack Labs & Aurélie Vache - Cloud Dev & DevRel - Stack Labs

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nerdctl: yet another Docker & Docker Compose implementation, based on containerd

Akihiro Suda - Software Engineer - NTT Corporation

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Facts About Real-World Container Use

Daniel Maher - Developer Relations - Datadog

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ASP NET Core in Containers on NET 5

Rob Richardson - Developer Advocate - Cyral

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La sécurité des containers

Philippe Van Hove - VP Central and South EMEA - Lacework

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The Paris Container Day is the pioneering conference in France dedicated to the container ecosystem and its best practices.

This conférence is powered by Publicis Sapient and WeScale.

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